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  • 1.1 3G LTE evolution
  • 1.2 LTE basics:- specification overview
  • 1.3 Main LTE technologies
  • 1.4 OFDM (Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplex):
  • 1.5 MIMO (Multiple Input Multiple Output)
  • 1.6 SAE (System Architecture Evolution)
  • 2.1 LTE modulation & OFDM basics
  • 2.2 LTE channel bandwidths and characteristics
  • 2.3 LTE OFDM cyclic prefix, CP
  • 2.4 LTE OFDMA in the downlink
  • 2.5 Downlink carriers and resource blocks
  • 2.6 LTE SC-FDMA in the uplink
  • 3.1 LTE MIMO basics
  • 3.2 LTE MIMO modes
  • 4.1 TDD and FDD
  • 4.2 Duplex schemes
  • 4.3 Advantages / disadvantages of LTE TDD and LTE FDD for cellular communications
  • 4.4 LTE TDD / TD-LTE and TD-SCDMA
  • 5.1 Type 1 LTE Frame Structure
  • 5.2 Type 2 LTE Frame Structure
  • 5.3 LTE TDD / TD-LTE subframe allocations
  • 6.1 3G LTE channel types
  • 6.2 3G LTE physical channels
  • 6.3 LTE transport channels
  • 6.4 LTE logical channels
  • 6.5 LTE Frequency Bands & Spectrum Allocations
  • 6.6 FDD and TDD LTE frequency bands
  • 6.7 FDD LTE frequency band allocations
  • 6.8 TDD LTE frequency band allocations
  • 7.1 LTE UE category rationale
  • 7.2 LTE UE category definitions
  • 8.1 Reason for SAE System Architecture Evolution
  • 8.2 SAE System Architecture Evolution basics
  • 8.3 LTE SAE Distributed intelligence
  • 8.4 LTE SON Self Organizing Networks
  • 9.1 Options for LTE Voice
  • 9.2 CSFB, Circuit Switched Fall Back:
  • 9.3 SV-LTE - Simultaneous Voice LTE
  • 9.4 VoLGA, Voice over LTE via GAN:
  • 9.5 One Voice / later called Voice over LTE, VoLTE
  • 9.6 Voice over LTE, VoLTE formation
  • 9.7 Voice over LTE, VoLTE basics
  • 9.8 VoLTE codecs
  • 9.9 VoLTE IP versions
  • 10.1 What is SRVCC?
  • 10.2 SRVCC network architecture
  • 10.3 How SRVCC works
  • 10.4 SRVCC interruption performance
  • 11.1 LTE-M key issues
  • 11.2 Rel 12 updates for LTE-M
  • 11.3 LTE-M features planned for Rel 13
  • 11.4 LTE-Category Summaries
  • 12.1 LTE-U background
  • 12.2 LTE-U / LTE-LAA basics
  • 12.3 LTE-U / Wi-Fi coexistence
  • 13.1 LTE security basics
  • 13.2 LTE USIM
  • 14.1 EPS Attach for VoIP and Default  Bearer Setup
  • 14.2 PDN Connectivity
  • 14.3 Authentication
  • 14.4 Bearer Setup
  • 14.5 P-CSCF Discovery
  • 14.6 SIP IMS Call Flow
  • 14.7 SIP Registration
  • 14.8 QoS Class Identifier (QCI)
  • 14.9 Mobile to mobile call set up using IMS
  • 14.10 Mobile to PSTN call set up using IMS

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Meenakshi chawla
Certification: Huawei Certified ICT Graduate
Professional Experience
Training Experience


LTE and 4G, Networking , RF, Transmission, VoLTE, Wireless Communication,

Meenakshi is an accomplished Telecom Consultant & Trainer with more than 4 years of experience with leading Telecom Companies like Huawei. She possesses deep domain experience in multiple domains of mobile communication like BSS, RAN, Transmission, Core IMS Part, Good hands on telecom domain wrt 2G & 3G for Huawei equipment’s including OSS,BSC,RNC, Node B Looking forward for more challenges & further exploring innovatively & providing my services at the best< br> Key Responsibilities: Being a part of learning & services (Training department) team, my responsibility includes following: Faculty Technology at Cognitel • Conducted 2G, 3G and LTE technology to Huawei • Development of content for Instructor Led and Computer based trainings • Having strong knowledge of 2G/3G/4G layer 3 protocols and 4G features like CSFB/VOLTE/IMS. • Good interpersonal skills and management skills to communicate plans and objectives at board level • Training to fresher’s on IP networking • Providing technical support & trainings in wireless domain for 3G/2G (RNC/BSC). Read More...
Kartik Saluja
Bieng trained under Ms.Meenakshi chawla was a wonderful experience. She has immense knowledge about the subject matter and is very effective in communicating her ideas to students. She is always updated with the new upgradations in industry and also helped me to complete my training successfully
Archana Singh
I worked with Meenakshi on several independent training assignments in India . She is a fast learner and very hard worker. If she sets a goal to do something then nothing can stop her from achieving it. She has the tendency to ignore small problems and keep working . Apart from being an excellent trainer she is a my very dear friend. she knows the value of relationships and cares for them
Snehashish Gautam
During my training period Ms.Meenakshi proved to be incredibly helpful and knowledgeable. She always had an efficient strategy lined up to make our training sessions go smoothly and was excellent in communicating her ideas to the rest of the students. I learned from her even when she wasn’t training me
Being trained under Ms. Meenakshi Chawla was a wonderful experience. She has immense and deep knowledge about her field. She was always there to guide me and helped me in shaping my career.


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