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About Course

ServiceNow is an IT service management tool offering a combination of ITIL v3 guidelines + Web 2.0 technology and Software as a Service (SaaS). This course is designed to provide training for application creation in ServiceNow. Demand for ServiceNow developers is growing rapidly so this course gives attendees the knowledge and confidence to crack ServiceNow certified developer exam.
This course is best suited for experienced ServiceNow system administrators who have at least one year of hands on experience administering a ServiceNow instance.
After completing this course you will be able to :

Design an application table
Create and implement forms and views
Manage application business logic with scripts
Manage notifications for stakeholders and collaborators
Integrate to ServiceNow and to public web services
Capture application metrics with reports and homepages
Experience writing both client and server side JavaScript in ServiceNow is required.


ServiceNow Developer

  • 1.1 What is Service Now
  • 1.2 Why and who can use Service Now
  • 1.3 Concept of cloud computing in Service Now
  • 1.4 Introduction to ITIL foundation
  • 1.5 Navigation and users
  • 1.6 Helpful portals, releases
  • 2.1 Creating Gauges
  • 2.2 Define CSS properties, UI Properties
  • 2.3 Change visibility of Homepage and banner
  • 3.1 Creating Application, module
  • 3.2 Creating table
  • 3.3 Personalizing form and table layout
  • 3.4 Creating Section,
  • 3.5 View
  • 3.6 Dictionary entries
  • 3.7 Dictionary overrides
  • 3.8 Reference qualifiers
  • 3.9 Related lists
  • 4.1 Creating an update set
  • 4.2 Merge update set
  • 4.3 Retrieve Update set in another instance
  • 5.1 Workflow editor and workflow scripts
  • 5.2 Workflow activities and workflow context
  • 5.3 Workflow stages, transitions
  • 6.1 Use of service catalog, back end execution
  • 6.2 Creating catalog item, record producer, order guide
  • 6.3 Create RITM and catalog task
  • 6.4 Attaching workflow to Catalog items
  • 7.1 Data sources,
  • 7.2 XML import
  • 7.3 Transform maps,
  • 7.4 Scheduled data import
  • 7.5 Import sets
  • 7.6 Transform scripts
  • 7.7 Data load automation
  • 8.1 Creating groups
  • 8.2 Users and Departments
  • 8.3 Concept of delegation
  • 8.4 Customizing user profile
  • 8.5 Roles & group membership
  • 8.6 Fetch detail of logged in user
  • 9.1 Defining a Template
  • 9.2 Define notification
  • 9.3 Email logs
  • 9.4 Introduction to SMTP and POP mail servers
  • 9.5 Trigger email on event
  • 10.1 SLA Definitions
  • 10.2 SLA Properties
  • 10.3 Attach SLA to tasks
  • 10.4 Create schedule and child schedule
  • 11.1 Introduction to scheduled jobs
  • 11.2 Scheduled Job log
  • 11.3 Scheduled reports
  • 12.1 Create Read, Write and Create ACL on table and field level
  • 12.2 Debug ACLS
  • 12.3 Write ACL Scripts
  • 12.4 Concept of privileged system admin
  • 13.1 Creating site, page
  • 13.2 Dynamic content block
  • 13.3 Define Header, theme, style sheet
  • 13.4 Creating UI page, UI macros
  • 14.1 Introduction to web services
  • 14.2 SOAP Messages


  • 15.1 Personalize users
  • 15.2 Debugging Business Rule
  • 15.3 Debugging ACL
  • 15.4 Background scripts

Exam & Certification

ServiceNow Certified Application Developer Exam demonstrates mastery of application developers and certifies that a developer has the skills and essential knowledge necessary to create applications, designing application tables, creating and implementing forms, controlling access, and integrating workflows into applications.
ServiceNow Certification exams are computer-based, multiple-choice exams delivered by ServiceNow testing partner Kryterion, in a proctored environment. Online proctoring is also available.
Exam name: ServiceNow Certified Application Developer
Number of Question: 60
Passing Score: 75%
Exam Duration: 90 Minutes
Question Type: Multiple Choice Questions, True and False, Matching,

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Rahul Rakesh
Certification:FCP, ITIL
Professional Experience
Training Experience


ITIL, PMP, Server Administrator, Service & Support, ServiceNow Admin, ServiceNow Developer, ServiceNow Integration,

Rahul has been responsible for significant, enterp rise-wide &/or custom ISV projects, typically with large budgets and sizeable staff, focused on meeting project commitments, including communications with sponsors, stakeholders etc. He had/had not have strategic or operational responsibilities in various roles but spends majority of time on project management responsibilities lately. He leads the design, testing, planning, and implementation of complex projects for systems that typically affect many users and design systems processing millions of transactions on a daily basis. Read More...
Ayodhya Verma
Rahul Rakesh is one of the most competent IT trainer that I have come across. He has wide range of deep knowledge in IT service management from Service Strategy, design, through implementation to operations (Incident, Problem, Change, Configuration Management and how testing is conducted to ensure successful implementation. He also demonstrates his competency in analysis, programming, system integration and understanding of IT infrastructure. He also has people skill and brings real life examples to the classroom when training his clients and students. I will recommend him to anyone needing successful IT services

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