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About Course

Professionals who want to make their career in data science and predictive analytics.
Machine learning is behind these innovations. In the recent times, it has been proven that machine learning and deep learning approach to solving a problem gives far better accuracy than other approaches. This has led to a Tsunami in the area of Machine Learning. Most of the domains that were considered specializations are now being merged into Machine Learning. This has happened because of the following: Better research and algorithms Better computing resources Distributed computing infrastructures Availablity of Big Data Every domain of computing such as data analysis, software engineering, and artificial intelligence is going to be impacted by Machine Learning. Therefore, every engineer, researcher, manager or scientist would be expected to know Machine Learning.
Basic Knowledge of Programming Language and statistics would be beneficial however it is not mandatory.

Exam & Certification

You will get the Hub4Tech Master Machine Learning Certification after successful Completion of this Course.

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