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XSLT Interview Questions and Answers

What is the XSLT?

XSLT stands for Extensible Stylesheet Language Transformations(XSLT).This is developed by World Wide Web Consortium(W3C).This is written in XML.We use XSLT when we want to transform an XML document into the oter XML document.Generally we use XSLT when we want to make transformation from a XML document into another XML document,Convert a XML document into the HTML or XHTML document, creating dynamic web pages, can convert an XML document into PDF document. We saved the XSLT file by using .xsl or .xslt extension.Recent version of XSLT is XSLT2.0 launched at 23rd Jan 2007.It is a part of XSL.Editor od first version of XSLT are James Clark.

What is the function of XSLT?
  • XSLT is the transformation language used for XML documents and it performs high level of functions.
  • XSLT provides a way to solve the complex problems like styling and the operations related to the generation of table and its contents.
  • It also provides the support for the indexes and other processing languages that can be integrated with one another.
  • The transformation language is used to provide XSL to generate the HTML pages using the XML data.
  • It defines the semantics and syntax using the XSLT language and expresses the XML document in a well formed manner.
Who developed XSLT?

It was developed by World Wide Web consortium.

What are the specifications defined in XSLT?
  • defined using the syntax and semantics of XSLT language and uses the namespace fundamentals of XML.
  • XML names can include both the elements that are defined using the XSLT and those that are not defined.
  • XSLT defines the parameters and XML namespace that can be used to refer the syntax and semantics of XSLT namespace.
  • The semantics that are used with XSLT namespace need to be defined in the correct order.
  • It provides the syntax for all the specifications that needs to be written and allow the user to use the elements given.
What are the rules defined by the transformation of XSL?
  • The transformation of XSL provides the XSLT that describes the rules to define the transformation of the source tree into result tree.
  • It also provides the pattern that is associated with the templates and also with the structure of it.
  • It uses the templates that allow the creation of the result tree by using the modification made in source tree.
  • The transformation is described in the rules for transforming the pattern templates according to the requirement.
  • The pattern is made against the elements and it is matched using the source tree and with other elements.
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