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Wordpress Interview Questions and Answers

What is WordPress?

Word press is a best Open Source CMS which allows it to be used free of cost. You can use it on any kind of personal or commercial website without have to pay a single penny for it. It is built on PHP/MySQL (which is again Open Source) and licensed under GPL.

Tell me is a web site on WordPress secure?

Yes! A WordPress Website is completely secure from any unauthorized access. However the error may occur due to downloading the Plug-in and Tools from an unauthorized resource.

Does de-activated plugins slow down a WordPress site?

No, de-activated plugins cannot slow down the WordPress site. Wordpress only loads the active plugins and ignores everything else.

Let a program is trying to assign the value 09875 to a variable but it keeps coming up with a different value; Do you know why it is happening?

The error in the output is due to the fact that the interpreter declares a number as octal if it starts with 0.

How safe is website on WordPress?

The word press is safe to operate but still it is suggested to keep updating with the latest version of WordPress to avoid hacking.

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