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Windows Server Interview Questions and Answers

What is Windows Server?Explain.

Window server is a series of server operating system developed by Microsoft Corporation.

what does IntelliMirror do?Explain

IntelliMirror helps to reconcile desktop settings, applications and stored files for users especially for those users who move between workstations or those who works offline.

What are some of the new tools and features provided by Windows Server 2008?

Windows Server 2008 now provides a desktop environment similar to Microsoft Windows Vista and includes tools also found in Vista, such as the new backup snap-in and the BitLocker drive encryption feature. Windows Server 2008 also provides the new IIS7 web server and the Windows Deployment Service.

What are the different editions of Windows Server 2008?

The entry-level version of Windows Server 2008 is the Standard Edition. The Enterprise Edition provides a platform for large enterprisewide networks. The Datacenter Edition provides support for unlimited Hyper-V virtualization and advanced clustering services. The Web Edition is a scaled-down version of Windows Server 2008 intended for use as a dedicated web server. The Standard, Enterprise, and Datacenter Editions can be purchased with or without the Hyper-V virtualization technology.

Explain in windows DNS server what is Primary, Secondary and Stub zone?

In windows DNS server,

Primary Zone: In this, the file is saved as normal text file with filename (.dns).
Secondary Zone: It maintains a read-only copy of zone database on another DNS server. Also, it acts as a back-up server to the primary server by providing fault tolerance and load balancing
Stub Zone: It consists of a copy of name server and SOA records which is used for reducing the DNS search orders.

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