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WI MAX Interview Questions and Answers

What is WiMax? What data rate does WiMax provides?

It is a protocol designed to provide an extension to wireless communication. In June 2001 IEEE formed a group called WiMax forum to define the WiMax standards. It’s an IEEE standard 802.16 based technology, which enables a last mile delivery of broadband access. It provides wireless communication at a distance of around 50kms.

WiMax would not replace Wi-Fi, but rather will fill in between hotspots and extend your Internet access on the go.

Where did the idea of WiMAX Technology come from?

The WiMAX Forum and to the founding members of the WiMAX Technology Forum, which committed themselves early to the process of creating a collaborative standards body. As a founding member of the WiMAX Technology Forum, Intel recognized that a well developed ecosystem was necessary to drive adoption and thereby drive lower hardware costs. Intel was also instrumental in getting other silicon chip manufacturers involved whose products would form the core of WiMAX technology.

Why we need WiMax technology?

The simple answer is, for high speed broadband like internet access on the move. We have broadband connections that provide high speed networks, but are attached to LAN systems i.e. not portable. Wi-fi provides access to such systems but limited to a much shorter distance.

Then we have cellular networks which provide internet access but their speed is limited and they are relatively costly. To overcome these problems we need WiMax or comparable technology.

Define ertPS class in WiMAX QoS?

This QoS type is developed to support VOIP along with silence suppression. There will be no traffic transmission during silence time. QoS parameters are same as UGS type. Check table-1 for application of this type. ertPS is similar to UGS in which base station assigns MST on active mode and no BW is allocated during silent time period. Here BS need to poll mobile subscriber to know whether silent period has been ended or it is continuing.

What data rate does WiMax provides?

Theoretically it is expected to provide data rate of around 74mbps, but in practice its much less at around 45mbps per channel. However as the channel is shared among multiple users, performance may be even low. IEEE standard 802.16 is expected to offer up to 1gbps of speed (ref: Wikipedia.org).

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