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Web Sphere Interview Questions and Answers

What is WebSphere?

WebSphere refers to a brand for IBM software products. It is designed for setting up, operation and integration of electronic business applications. These applications could perform well on cross platform environment. These set of software are java based web technologies.

Mention some of the features available in Web-sphere?

Some of the features available in Web-sphere includes

  • It supports the servlet/JSP container functionality that runs on top of HTTP
  • It supports HTTP servers as IBM HTTP server, Netscape iPlanet server, and MS IIS
  • It supports Java Server Pages, HTML pages, Servlets and XML
  • It supports EJB component model and Workload Management.
Explain about web sphere MQ Real time transport.

It is a lightweight protocol. This protocol is optimized for use with messages that are non-persistent. WebSphere MQ Real Time Transport is utilized only by JMS clients.

WebSphere MQ Real Time Transport is right suitable for the applications to send large number of messages. All the applications that use this protocol must rely on TCP/IP for quality considerations and which do not require persistent delivery. For example, this protocol can be used in situations where the data is updated very frequently, such as stock market share values, updating scoreboard of a sporting event.

Mention what is the difference between Websphere and Weblogic?

Websphere is focused more on connectivity, integration, and web services. It has better performance, rich implementation of J2EE, more extensive integration and transaction management compare to Weblogic.

Weblogic has default transaction attributes as supports, while websphere does not have such type of the default transaction attribute.

What is WebSphere Commerce?

WebSphere Commerce is a software platform framework from IBM. This framework provides the functionality for e-commerce, including sales, marketing, customer support and order processing functionality. These functions are performed using a tailorable and integrated package. WSC is a unified and single platform. This platform offers to perform the functionality between businesses to customer, business to business through channel partners. WSC is a scalable, highly reliable and customizable solution which is built on JEE platform. WSC uses the open standards such as XML and Web services.

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