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Web Browser Interview Questions and Answers

What is the purpose of web browser?
  • Web browser is used to run the software application that allows retrieving, presenting and traversing the information from one place to another.
  • Web browser provides the resources using the WWW (World Wide Web) this can be identified by URI (Uniform Resource Identifier).
  • Web browser fetches the data like web page, image, video or other piece of content from the server and displays it accordingly.
  • Web browser uses hyperlinks to display the resources and allow the users to navigate their browsers according to the resources.
  • Web browser defines the application software that is designed for the user to access and retrieve the documents using the Internet.
What is a web browser?

A web browser is a software application for viewing webpages. Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla FireFox, Opera, and Apple Safari are the most common web browsers.

Why are Proxy Servers used for Incognito Browsing?
  • Incognito browsing involves the use of firewalls and proxy servers that allow the prevention of the activities performed by the user.
  • It prevents the world to view the activity and allow the limited sharing to be done when in incognito mode.
  • Incognito automatically removes the tracks that are visited and doesn’t save any cookie that can harm the computer.
  • Proxy servers are used as it allows the browsing data to bypass the security and doesn’t save any of the files that it does without the incognito.
  • All the private data like cache or cookies is removed the moment the browser gets closed and nothing remains saved.
What is Plug-in?

In web browsers, a plug-in (also called plugin, addin, add-in, addon, add-on, snap-in or snapin) consists of a computer program that interacts with a host application (a web browser or an email client, for example) to provide a certain, usually very specific, function "on demand". Add-on is often considered the general term comprising plug-ins, extensions, and themes as subcategories.

What is the primary function of the Web browsers?
  • Web browser functions are to provide the resources or information to the user when asked by them.
  • It processes the user inputs in the form of URL like http://www.google.com in the browser and allows the access to that page.
  • URL is used to identify the resources and fetch them from the server and displays it to the client.
  • It allows the user to interact with the web pages and dynamic content like surveys, forms, etc.
  • It also allows the user to navigate through the complete web page and see its source code in the HTML format.
  • It provides security to the data and the resources that are available on the web that is by using the secure methods.
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