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UML Interview Questions and Answers

What is UML?
  • UML is Unified Modeling Language.
  • Graphical language for visualizing artifacts of the system.
  • Allow to create a blue print of all the aspects of the system.
What are the three types of modeling in UML?


What are the roles played by packages, modules and wrappers in UML?

Packages are used to organize the classes at one place. It uses modelling to describe the system with less complexity and provide many strategies to incorporate in the model. The unit of package as the classes in the same package are closely related. These keeps all the classes together that are related to each other and uses the association and different use cases to create models.
Modules are also known as component diagrams that includes nodes as physical computers and displays several packages inside a component. Modules are used to hold the packages together in one and can be used together.
Wrappers are used to constitute a package that consists of contents of the package. It deploys client-server or architectural layers that are connected using the API that are predefined. Wrappers use the components that consists of object and allow fall back on standard UML model.

Brief explanation of all elements in activity diagrams
  • Activities: An activity indicates an action that performed in the system.
  • Transitions: Transitions are represented by open arrow heads. Transitions are used to indicate the flow among elements in the diagram.
  • Decision Points: The logical branching is depicted by the decision points.
  • States: A state is shown in a rounded rectangle. States are indicated to mention the mile stones of processing in the activity diagrams.
Define modeling in UML and it advantages.
  • Model is a simplification of reality.
  • Blueprint of the actual system.
  • Specify the structural and behavior of the system.
  • Templates for designing the system.
  • Helps document the system.
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