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Test Manager Interview Questions and Answers

Mention the responsibilities of the Test Manager?

Role of test manager includes

Manage project initiation through closure
Test planning
Obtain customer acceptance on the deliverables
Approve intermediate deliverables and patch release to the client
For off-shore testing monitor processes
Submit inputs for billing of effort
Issue Management
Mentoring, coaching and off-shore team management

  • Submit reports for weekly status to the test co-ordinators
  • Participating in weekly review meetings
  • Publish KPIs for all off-shore testing projects on a weekly basis
  • Resource mobilization for projects
What is test management?

Test management most commonly refers to the activity of managing the computer software testing process. A test management tool is software used to manage tests (automated or manual) that have been previously specified by a test procedure. It is often associated with automation software. Test management tools often include requirement and/or specification management modules that allow automatic generation of the requirement test matrix (RTM), which is one of the main metrics to indicate functional coverage of a system under test (SUT).

Mention what are your approach if you find that the testers in your organization is performing test on the deliverable even after significant defect have been identified?

As a test manager your approach should be

  • Acceptance criteria should be tighten
  • Test cases should be re-evaluated
  • More test cases should be added if possible, with equivalence class partition cases and boundary values
  • With invalid condition, more test cases should be added
  • Stop criteria required to be modified
Tell me how you consider any risk involved in your testing procedure and strategies?

Any risks (financial, material, or human) are documented with care in special journals which are then distributed among colleagues, senior management, and clients. Additional explanations are provided in specially arranged meetings. Any further consultation is granted, if required by any party involved.

Mention what is requirement traceability matrix?

Requirement traceability matrix is a tool that ensures that through-out the whole development process. It is used for the following reason

  • To know whether the development projects has met the requirements of the user
  • To meet all the requirements given by the user
  • To ensure that all the application requirement can be fulfilled in the verification process
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