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Teradata Interview Questions and Answers

Where is Teradata RDBMS used?
  • Teradata RDBMS provides the relational database management system in a complete structured manner.
  • It follows the two attachment methods that can be used with the following table:
  • Channel: allows the attachment to be made to the I/O channel of the mainframe computer.
  • Netword: is used for intelligent workstations that can be attached using the LAN (Local Area Network).
  • Using the Teradata RDBMS the accessing, storage and the operations on the data can be performed easily.
  • It uses the SQL language to query the server and the system that are capable of representing the data.
How do you define Teradata? Give some of the primary characteristics of the same.

Teradata is basically an RDMS which is used to drive the Datamart, Datawarehouse, OLAP, OLTP, as well as DSS Appliances of the company. Some of the primary characteristics of Teradata are given below.

  • Is capable of running on Single-nodes, as well as multi-nodes.
  • Parallelism is built into the system.
  • Very much compatible with the standards of ANSI.
  • Tends to act in the same way as a server.
  • It is an Open System that basically executes for UNIX MR-RAS, Suse Linux ETC, WIN2K, etc.
What are the steps involved after the disk manager passes the request?

The steps involved after the disk manager passes the request are as follows:

  • File system that is used in Teradata returns the data that is requested by the database manger.
  • Database manager uses the dispatcher to dispatch the messages back. It sends a message to the requesting user as well.
  • BYNET is also known as single-node system uses the sorted response and returns to the requesting interface engine that is used for packaging system.
  • Dispatcher is used to respond to the messages that are being sent by the clients and then it routes the communication channel driver to the requesting client.
  • TDP receives the information and unpack the packed response messages and provide them to CLI.
  • CLI passes the messages to the application that has requested it in the form of blocks and then the application respond back to the client with the data in the form of relational tables.
What is meant by a node?

A node basically is termed as an assortment of components of hardware and software. Usually a server is referred to as a node.

What can be achieved by using the Teradata RDBMS?
  • The Teradata RDBMS is used by the users that are on the client system and sends the request to the system.
  • The RDBMS requests can be sent through the TDP (Teradata Director Program) that uses the Call level interface (CLI) program.
  • The transfer is being done by the ODBC (Open database connectivity and by the use of the ODBC drivers.
  • Teradata RDBMS achieves high scalability and flexibility to, run the system and allow different system to communicate with each other.
  • The level of security in Teradata RDBMS is quite high and the functionality can be achieved by the higher levels.
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