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Subversion SVN Interview Questions and Answers

What is SVN? Explain.

SVN or Subversion is an open source control system; it is used to trace all the changes made to your source code or files. It is a repository used to manage files, folders, directories and the modification made to these files over a period of time. While SVN repository provides a complete history of changes made to the files and can easily track if someone had made changes in the file.

Which version control (VC) or software configuration management (SCM) systems work with Merge?

You can use Tortoise SVN,which has Merge Utility embedded in it.

What is the difference between GIT and SVN repository? Mention.

The difference between SVN and GIT is

  • Git does not support “commits” across multiple branches or tags. Subversion allows the creation of folders at any location in the repository layout.
  • Gits are unchangeable while subversion enables committers to treat a tag a branch and to create multiple revisions under a tag root.
  • Git is less preferred for handling large files or frequently changing binary files while SVN is capable of handling multiple projects stored in the same repository.
What is eSvn?

eSvn is cross-platform and runs under Unix-like operating systems and it is a GUI for subversion like tortoise svn.

List out what all things should be stored in SVN repository?

In SVN repository you can store

  • Source Code
  • Build scripts
  • Test data used by QA
  • DB schema
  • Project settings (When whole team is using the same IDE)
  • Project documentation (Internal and External)
  • Minutes of meetings, significant e-mails and info from the web
  • Expensively generated artifacts
  • And other documents related to the project
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