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SQL Server Service Broker Interview Questions and Answers

Explain the components of SQL server service broker.

Below are the Service Broker infrastructure components:

Message Type
Remote Binding Service

What is MS SQL Server Service Broker?

Catalog views serve as a repository to store static metadara like server side and database specific objects. This includes logins, tables, stored procedures etc. It is always better to use catalogue views to view system data rather than using system tables.

What do we need Queues?

A queue holds the incoming message before they are processed for a service.
One queue per service is created.

A queue can be created using:


How to encrypt data between Dialogs?

Using Dialog Security the dialogues can be encrypted at the initiator and then decrypted at the target. Dialogue security can be implemented by implemented as full dialogue security or anonymous dialog security. In full dialogue, both the database that initiates the service and database that calls the service to be implemented needs to have two users. Each service in the conversation is bound by a remotes service. A certificate is associated with each user, so that messages can be encrypted using the recipient's public key and decrypted using the corresponding private key. If anonymous dialog security is used, target service need not explicitly permit access to a remote user. A guest account can be used to generate a session key and encrypt the message.

What is “Asynchronous” communication?

In Asynchronous communication, messages can be queued until the service which was down is up and running. Asynchronous communication is loosely coupled. This means that there can be another component waiting to acknowledge the message. In this communication, the sender need not wait for a response but can continue to work.

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