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Spring Security Interview Questions and Answers

Which filter class is needed for spring security?


What are access controls in spring security?
  • To access the account list, you must be authenticated.
  • The files in the directory "/secure" should only be visible to authenticated users.
  • The files in the directory "/secure/extreme" should only be visible to Supervisors.
  • Withdrawal and deposits can be made only by Tellers and Supervisors.
  • Overdraft limit for an account can be exceeded only by Supervisors
How to restrict static resources processed by spring security filters?

< http pattern="/static/**" security="none" / >

From the applications perspective, how many user roles needed in spring security.

Three user roles are there in spring.

  • Supervisors
  • Tellers
  • Plain Users
Will Spring Security secures all the applications?

No, in web application, we need to do some more things to secure full application to save from attackers.

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