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Spring Interview Questions and Answers

What is Spring?

It is a lightweight, loosely coupled and integrated framework for developing enterprise applications in java.

What are the advantages of spring framework?
  • Predefined Templates
  • Loose Coupling
  • Easy to test
  • Lightweight
  • Fast Development
  • Powerful Abstraction
  • Declarative support
What are the modules of spring framework?
  • Test
  • Spring Core Container
  • AOP, Aspects and Instrumentation
  • Data Access/Integration
  • Web
What are the types of Dependency Injection Spring supports?
  • Setter Injection: Setter-based DI is realized by calling setter methods on your beans after invoking a no-argument constructor or no-argument static factory method to instantiate your bean.
  • Constructor Injection: Constructor-based DI is realized by invoking a constructor with a number of arguments, each representing a collaborator.
What is Bean Factory?

A BeanFactory is like a factory class that contains a collection of beans. The BeanFactory holds Bean Definitions of multiple beans within itself and then instantiates the bean whenever asked for by clients.

  • BeanFactory is able to create associations between collaborating objects as they are instantiated. This removes the burden of configuration from bean itself and the beans client.
  • BeanFactory also takes part in the life cycle of a bean, making calls to custom initialization and destruction methods.
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