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Software Testing Interview Questions and Answers

Describe software review and formal technical review (FTR).

Software reviews works as a filter for the software process. It helps to uncover errors and defects in software. Software reviews enhance the quality of software. Software reviews refine software, including requirements and design models, code, and testing data.
A formal technical review (FTR) is a software quality control activity. In this activity, software developer and other team members are involved. The objectives of an FTR are:

  • Uncover the errors.
  • Verify that the software under technical review meets its requirements.
  • To ensure that the software must follow the predefined standards.
  • To make projects more manageable.

The FTR includes walkthroughs and inspections. Each FTR is conducted as a normal meeting. FTR will be successful only if it is properly planned, and executed.

What is a requirement and how is it different from a specification?

This is important for a candidate to know since a lot of issues that arise during the testing phase come about because of deficient requirements and specifications. The following is a good explanation:
Requirements are gathered from the customer who indicates what their needs are. These needs are then translated into specifications which are the blueprint for specifications for the development team.

What is risk-based testing?

Risk-based testing is the term used for an approach to creating a test strategy that is based on prioritizing tests by risk. The basis of the approach is a detailed risk analysis and prioritizing of risks by risk level. Tests to address each risk are then specified, starting with the highest risk first.

What are the attributes of good test case?

The following are the attributes of good test case.

  • A good test has a high probability of finding an error. To find the maximum error, the tester and developer should have complete understanding of the software and attempt to check all the conditions that how the software might fail.
  • A good test is not redundant. Every test should have a different purpose from other, otherwise tester will repeat the testing process for same condition.
  • A good test should be neither too simple nor too complex. In general, each test should be executed separately. If we combine more than one test into one test case, it might be very difficult to execute. Sometimes we can combine tests but it may hide some errors.
What are the differences between a test plan and a use case?

A Test Plan describes all the elements that make up the test strategy. It can include the application to be tested, the scope of the testing, the testing activities, roles and responsibilities and deliverables. A Use Case describes how the user interacts with a specific function and how the system responds. It can include diagrams, flowcharts and pre and post conditions.

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