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Silverlight Interview Questions and Answers

Difference between WPF and Silverlight

In terms of features and functionality, Silver light is a sub set of Windows Presentation Foundation.
Silver light is for developing rich internet applications. While WPF is used for developing enhanced graphics applications for desktop platform.
WPF uses XAML for hosting the user interface for web applications.

Mention what is Silverlight architecture is made of?

Silverlight architecture is made of mainly three components

  • Core presentation framework: The framework includes the components like data binding, vector graphics, text, animation, images for presenting various features,
  • .NET framework for Silverlight: It consists of the libraries and components like XLINQ, XML serialization, Syndication, base class libraries, networking and common language runtime,
  • Updater and Installer: It is a control for installation and provides automatic updates
When would a customer use Silverlight instead of Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF)?

Silverlight is used by customers for broader reach of interactive media content and browser-based rich interactive, high performance applications.
The features of WPF such as platform, UI, Media, offline communication, integration of OS, integration of Office, access to peripherals, supporting documents etc., are integrated into Silverlight.

Difference between MouseLeftButtonDown and MouseLeftButtonUp in Silverlight

The difference is the action of the button. Once mouse button is pressed MouseLeftButtonDown event is invoked and MouseLeftButtonUp event is invoked after pressing left mouse button down and release it.

Describe how to perform Event handling in silverlight.

Event handling is performed in two event cases – Input events and Non-input events.

  • Input Events:The hosting browser for Silver Light plug-in handles the input events input stimulus, as SilverLight works within the hosting browser plug-in architecture. The event is sent to SilverLight plug-in through the browser. Later the event is raised in the SilverLight Object Model.
  • Non-Input Events: These events report a change state of a particular object. For instance, progress of initiated actions by the web client. Certain non-input events provide information of objects as a framework level for lifetime. An example of such event is FreameworkElementLoaded event.
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