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Siebel Interview Questions and Answers

Determine OOTB functionality in Siebel

OOTB = Out Of The Box
There are quite a few vanilla functionalities available within the product in Siebel.

Explain What is Symbolic URL in Siebel?

Symbolic URL allow you to configure Portal Agents in several ways. You use Symbolic URL Arguments for two purposes, to define data to be sent to an external host and to submit commands to SWE that affect the behavior of Portal Agents.

Explain how to create an Event Handler

Go to Administration, then Communications, then All Event Handlers and follow these steps:

  • Add a new record in the Event Handler list
  • Enter name
  • Specify the configuration to associate this event handler
  • Specify the event response to associate the event handler
  • Specify the profile to associate the event handler (Optional)
  • Enter name of device event this event handler will matches to.
  • Specify the order in which this event handler will be checked
Suppose If a view has Admin Mode Property = True, then what will happen to User Properties we write on them?

it over-rides the Read-Only properties set at the Business Component level only, and not at the applet level

Explain Audit Trail in Siebel

An audit trail keeps a track of the changes made to the data in Siebel.
Any user who has accessed an item.
An operation performed along with its time and its previous values.

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