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SAS Interview Questions and Answers

Explain what is SAS? What are the functions does it performs?

SAS means Statistical Analysis System, which is an integrated set of software products.

  • Information retrieval and data management
  • Writing reports and graphics
  • Statistical analysis, econometrics and data mining
  • Business planning, forecasting and decision support
  • Operation research and Project management
  • Quality Improvement
  • Data Warehousing
  • Application Development
Suppose date is 05sep2005; i want the output like 05sep2005:00:00:00 ; how it will come?

data test_date;
input date;
informat date datetime18;
proc print data=test_date;
format date datetime18.;

Explain what is the basic structure of SAS programing?

The basic structure of SAS are

  • Program Editor
  • Explorer Window
  • Log Window
What is option year cuttoff in sas?

by this option we can set the year span like
Options yearcutoff=2050
so it sets year from 2050 to 2049 .

What is the basic syntax style in SAS?

To run program successfully, and you have following basic elements:

  • There should be a semi-colon at the end of every line
  • A data statement that defines your data set
  • Input statement
  • There should be at least one space between each word or statement
  • A run statement

For example: Infile ‘H: \StatHW\yourfilename.dat’;

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