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SAP PP Interview Questions and Answers

Explain what is SAP PP?

SAP PP process is related to production planning of a company and it encompasses all activities like MRP (Material Requirement Planning), BOM (Bills Of Material), Routing, Capacity planning, etc. but mainly it contains two segments

  • Material Planning: Material requirements planning, long term planning,
  • Execution Planning: Creation of production order, workflow, conformations, technical completion and good movement
Can we create Production order without bom and routing?

yes we can create a production order without BOM & routing.
Change the Config in OPL8 ( order type dependent parameters)
as routing optional. But it may ask for a sales order when
we try to create order using CO01

Mention what are the production process in SAP?

There are three types of production process in SAP

  • Discrete Manufacturing
  • Repetitive Manufacturing
  • Production- Process Industries
what is the difference between PP and PP-PI? Which one is better and how?

PP--> Prodction Planning mostly used for descrete type of
industries , where at the time of confirmation the output is
sure to be fixed. eg Automobile

PP- PI--> Production Planning for Process Industries , here
mostly used for the typical chemical industries , as the
Yield is not fixed due to chemical reaction yield values can
be varied to noticable extent. Eg X+Y =Z some 10 kg of X
and 1 KG of Y givs yiled that is Z of 10 Kg only.

Explain what is Routing in SAP PP?

Routing in SAP PP is referred to a list of activities which are required to produce any material. For example, when you do cost estimation for the material, the system triggers the relevant routing and activity rates for all those described in routing. Which will helpful to calculate the processing cost in product costing.

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