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Rational Functional Tester Interview Questions and Answers

What is the use of Rational Functional Tester? Explain

Following are the functions that are performed by RFT:

  • Performing complete functional testing of a software application.
  • Object testing including properties of the object and its data.
  • Creates and edits OO test scripts in simplest manner.
  • Scripts navigation recording and playing back them through the application.
  • Performs testing of state of the objects.
  • Allows generating code through wizards, like creating verification points.
What are the main features of Functional Tester?
  • Complete functional testing of the application
  • test the state of objects through verification points.
  • Testing any object in the application, including the object's properties and its data.
  • Creating and editing simple object-oriented test scripts.
  • Generating code through wizards, for example automatically creating a verification point through wizard.
What are the steps to test HTML element properties in Rational Robot?
  • Start recording process in Robot.
  • Navigate to the web page which contains the HTML elements for testing.
  • Ensure that GUI Insert Toolbar is configured.
  • Click on the Object Properties Verification Point button on this tool bar.
  • Provide a name, expected result and the wait state to verification point.
  • Click on OK.
  • Select the HTML element that is to be tested and click on OK.
  • To insert the verification point, click on OK.
Can we do recording in an existing RFT script?

Yes. We can do the recording in existing RFT script by bringing our cursor to the desired location & just start the recording. Start the application >> insert verification points >> and add all script support functions.

What are the steps to perform automation process using RFT?
  1. Recording of Test Scripts:
  2. - Test scripts are recorded on the fly, while the user navigates through application.

    - Verification points are inserted for validating the system response, which makes the test scripts data-driven.

  3. Enhancing Test Scripts:
  4. - Conditional branching, refactoring, handling exceptions are performed for additional functions.

  5. Playing Back the Scripts.
  6. - Scripts execution on certain application under test to emulate the actions that are already performed during recording of the scripts is done.

    - Drawing conclusion , logging the discrepancies are performed in order to address the desired issues / regression issues of application functionalities.

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