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QTP Interview Questions and Answers

What phases are involved in testing an application in QTP?

The Quick Test Professional process consists of the following main phases:

  • Analyzing Application: before preparing test cases need to analyze the application to find out the testing needs.
  • Preparing Testing Infrastructure: based on testing needs create those resources, resources like, shared repository, function library etc.
  • Building Test Cases: create test script containing action to be performed while testing. Add object repository with the test function libraries.
  • Enhancing Test: by making use of checkpoints, broadening the scope of test, add logic and condition to test for checking purpose.
  • Debugging, Running and analyzing Test: debug the test so that it works without interruption. Run these test and analyze the test result generated by QTP
  • Report Defects: lock bug into the bug report and send it to the development team.
Can we call QTP test from another test using scripting. Suppose there are 4 tests and I want to call these tests in a main script. Is this possible in QTP?

Yes. You can call 4 or even more scripts in your tests.For this, first you will need to make the Actions in the corresponding scripts re-usable.Then from the destination script you can make calls to these re-usable actions.

Explain Measuring Transaction.

Measuring transaction means that to measure how much time it take to execute a set of step over the application. A transaction is collection of steps that we are intended to know how much time it take to execute. We can define the transaction by enclosing the set of steps with the start transaction and end transaction.

  • Start transaction: after encounter of start transaction time measurement start.
  • End transaction: it is used to stop the time measurement.
Explain in brief about the QTP Automation Object Model.

QTP Automation Object model deals with Automation of QTP itself. Almost all configuration and functionality provided by QTP is represented by QTP's Automation Object Model . Almost all dialog boxes in QTP have a corresponding automation object which can set or retrieved using the corresponding properties or methods in the Automation Object Model.QTP Automation Objects can be used along with standard VB programming elements like iterative loops or conditional statements to help you design a script of choice.

How many types of recording modes in the QTP?

The QTP enable us with three type of recording mode:

  • Normal (by Default recording): In this recording mode QTP identify the object irrespective of their location on the screen. It is done by recording object based on application window.
  • Analog Recording: it is used when exact mouse movement and action performed by mouse is important. Used in testing the paint application and signature made with the help of mouse.
  • Low Level Recording: it helps in identifying those objects which is not recognized by the QTP. It is used when the location of object is changing inside the screen.
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