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Progress Interview Questions and Answers

What are the sections involved in Progress procedure programming?

There are four different sections involved with the procedure programming and it is as follows:

  • Progress procedures are also uses widgets that define the first part of the application and it allows easy use of procedures.
  • It consists of three DEFINE VARIABLE statements for the following variables:
  • Text data: that are collection of characters and then
  • String: that is used to initialize the text data and uses it in the format given by the language.
  • Creation of user interface is the second part that allows the DISPLAY statement to create the interface and display it on the screen.
  • Enabling of the widgets used in the Progress procedure and it allows the ENABLE statement to enable the functionality of the widgets.
  • Execution of the Progress procedure block consists of the text data and presents the complete interface for the users to interact with the application.
Explain what is the use of ASSIGN statement in progress database?

You also have encountered the ASSIGN statement. ASSIGN moves data from the screen buffer
to the record buffer,

Once you move changes from the screen buffer to the record buffer, or make changes directly

to the record buffer, Progress understands that you want those changes written to the database.

Progress does not immediately write the changes to the database. When the write occurs is based

on other factors. The next section describes how Progress handles database writes.

This is the syntax for the ASSIGN statement

What are the components used for user interface in Progress?
  • User interfaces are a way to allow the users to use the programs in an easy and comfortable way.
  • It has different concepts and terms used in Progress programming model and it is as follows:
  • Screen: it is the mechanism that is used for communication purpose with the user and shows the desired output according to the input.
  • Keyboard: is used to input some text or characters that will generate the output on the screen.
  • Mouse: allows the user to put the cursor and communicate with the application with easy to use interface.
  • Editor: this allows creating and maintaining the application that shows finally the input and output of it on the screen.
Tell me what are the cases under which progress does not update an index?

Progress does not update an index if the value you try to assign to the index field is the same as the current value of the index field. You can change the name of an index at any time.

What are the steps involved in Edit buffers and procedure files?
  • The edit buffers are used as a temporary storage area in the computer memory that is used by the procedure.
  • It creates and edits the procedure used by the Progress and the editing is saved in the save buffer in procedure files.
  • Procedure file is just a simple text file that consists of one or more Progress procedures by default and having default conventions for use.
  • The files can be edited by using the Procedure editor that provides menu commands and allow the editing and management of the multiple edit buffers.
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