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Performance Testing Interview Questions and Answers

Why Performance Testing is performed?

Performance Testing is performed to evaluate application performance under some load and stress condition. It is generally measured in terms of response time for the user activity. It is designed to test the whole performance of the system at high load and stress condition.
Example: Customer like to withdraw money from an ATM counter, customer inserts debit or credit card and wait for the response. If system takes more than 5 min. then according to requirements system functioning is fail.

Type of Performance Testing:

  • Load: analogous to volume testing and determine how application deal with large amount of data.
  • Stress: examine application behavior under peak bursts of activity.
  • Capacity: measure overall capacity and determine at what time response time become unacceptable.
Explain what is performance testing?

Performance testing is done for quality assurance. It involves testing software application to make sure that the software is working well under their expected workload.

What are the criteria for entering and exiting in testing performance?

You can begin testing application performance during the designs. After evaluating these tests, you can collect and analyze the results for performance to be improved. The process of performance tuning will be done throughout the life cycle of the application development. Performance tuning is done based on factors like application release time and application stability user requirement, scalability under load, reliability, performance tolerance and stress tolerance criteria. The end criteria in some projects are defined based on the performance of the client, defined for each application section. When a product gets to the level expected then this is considered as performance testing end criteria.

What is distributed load testing?

Distributed load testing: in this we test the application for a number of users accessing the application at a same time. In distributed load testing test cases are execute to determine the application behavior. Now application behavior is monitored, recorded and analyzed when multiple users concurrently use the system. Distributed load testing is the process using which multiple systems can be used for simulating load of large number of users. The reason for doing the distributed load testing is that to overcome the limitation single system to generate large number of threads.

Mention what is the difference between the benchmark testing and baseline testing?
  • Benchmark Testing: It is the method of comparing performance of your system performance against an industry standard that is set by other organization
  • Baseline Testing: It is the procedure of running a set of tests to capture performance information. When future change is made in the application, this information is used as a reference
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