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PeopleSoft HRMS Interview Questions and Answers

What is regulatory region? Usage?

A regulatory region is a region which has laws and regulations that are used by functionality in PeopleSoft HRMS. A lot of transactions are driven by regulatory requirements. These requirements include areas like ethnicity, disability, and health and safety. When driven by Regulatory Region, the regulatory codes, People Code edits, and set processing in the system can vary by country and for each transaction.

How to create field as mandatory?

using data buffer classes in people soft we have show required field que.using that we can conver it to mandatory

How is Last Hire Date different than the Hire Date?

Last hire date is the date a person is hired or rehired in the organization. Hire date is the date associated with a hire action job row. For example if a person is hired on 1st May 2010 first time in the company and then terminated on 1st May 2011. Hire date and last hire date both will be 1st May 2010. Let’s say now the person is rehired on 5th May 2011 then the hire date will still remain as 1st May 2010 but the last hire date will now be 5th May 2011.

Explain What is the most important Record in PS HRMS?

it depends on the version

8.3 HRMS :

8.9 HCM :

What are checklists? Give an example from the delivered checklists. How will you create a checklist of your own? Explain by giving an example.

Checklist is a handout type of a utility for the user that can be referenced to ensure that all the tasks the user has to accomplish are done and noted. Say, a recruiter or HR admin wants to a hire a new joinee in HRMS system, there is a recruitment checklist the user can use. When the user is done with all the data entry, he can refer to this checklist in the system. Checklist has a bunch of tasks like passport and documents verified, bank documents sent, offer pack issued, identity check etc. User can put the status against each task like initiated, completed etc. This is a way of tracking that all formalities related to hire are completed. Admin can create new checklists also from Setup HRMS -> Common Definitions -> Checklists -> Checklist. If needed new checklist items can also be created from Setup HRMS -> Common Definitions -> Checklists -> Checklist items

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