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Peoplesoft Interview Questions and Answers

Differentiate between translate, processing, control and transaction tables with examples.

Translate Tables: Tables which store static data like blood groups, days of the week, types of interviews etc. Data in translate tables do not change frequently.

Processing Tables: Tables which store default values which are pre defined values that the system inserts into a field on a particular page. These default values are inserted on the basis of other information the user keys in.

Control Tables: Control tables store information which define company structure and processing rules. Values stored in this field are used to validate the transactions the users perform. Eg., Lists of vendors, customers, departments etc. Data in the control tables are shared by multiple components are updated when there is re structuring in the organization. Values are generally static.

Transaction Tables: Transaction tables store day to day transactions. Eg.: Personal data of employee. These tables are more frequently updated.

Is BEA WebLogic the same thing as the web server that was previously on the Tuxedo CD?

No. The web server that was delivered on the Tuxedo CD has absolutely nothing to do with WebLogic. WebLogic is a web application server that is designed for large-scale production websites. The HTTP server on the Tuxedo CD was only there to provide a mechanism for launching the graphical Tuxedo administration console if the Tuxedo administrator didn't already have a web server in place. It was never intended for large-scale, production website use ? only for a system administrator or two.

Explain what is People-Soft?

People-soft is an organization that provides e-business application software over the internet. It provides software for Human resource management, Supply chain management, CRM or Customer Relationship Management, Enterprise Performance Management and so on.

How is Security by Department tree different than Security Access types?

Security by department tree defines which setid and deptid a permission list has access to. Security access types are different ways in which security can be driven for a security set. For example department security can be driven by department tree or department setid. Both these are security access types which belong to security set department.

How does the PeopleSoft Enterprise Portal workwith 8.1x and 8.4 applications?

There are several scenarios that may exist when customers use the PeopleSoftEnterprise Portal with a mixture of 8.1x and 8.4 applications. Specificinformation on the use of the PeopleSoft Enterprise Portal in a blendedenvironment will be available in a forthcoming white paper, which will beavailable on Customer Connection.In general, the recommendation is to use the PeopleSoft Enterprise Portal 8.4with 8.1x and 8.4 applications, rather than an older version.

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