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Oracle Forms Interview Questions and Answers

Explain what is Oracle Forms?

Oracle Forms is a software product for creating screens that interact with an Oracle database. It has an IDE including a property sheet, object navigator and code editor that uses PL/SQL.

Explain What is an Alert?

An alert is window that appears in the middle of the screen overlaying a portion of the current display.

Explain what are the Oracle forms services components include?

Oracle forms consist of

  • Client: Client sends the HTTP requests
  • Forms Listener Servlet: It start, stop and communicate with the Forms Runtime Process
  • Forms Runtime Process: It executes the code contained in a particular forms application
  • Database: The data fetched from the database
Explain What SYNCHRONIZE procedure does?

It synchronizes the terminal screen with the internal state of the form.

Mention what are the new features introduced in Oracle Form Services in 11g Release 2?

In Oracle Form Services, the features included are

  • Integration with Oracle Access Manager
  • Schedule forms runtime prestart
  • Enhanced network statistics reports
  • Support for Unicode columns
  • guiMode configuration parameter
  • Forms metric agent
  • Support for URLs in image items and iconic buttons
  • Oracle real user experience insight
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