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Oracle Apps Interview Questions and Answers

What is Oracle Apps (ERP)?

ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning. A product of Oracle India Pvt. Ltd. As the name suggests Enterprise Resource Planning. Enterprise means a firm/organization. Resource means available source of wealth in firm and Planning means how you can maintain day to day resource. Hence in short to facilitate big businesses, companies Oracle Corporation have created huge software known in the category of ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) as Oracle Applications

What are the steps in attaching reports with oracle applications?
  • There are certain steps that you need to follow systematically for attaching the reports along with oracle application.
  • Designing the report.
  • Generating executable file related with report.
  • Moving executable and source files to the appropriate folder of the product.
  • Registering the report in the form of concurrent executable.
  • Defining concurrent program for registered that are executable.
  • Adding concurrent program for requesting group of responsibility.
Explain the significance of profile option “Node Trust Level” in Oracle Apps

If this profile option is set to some external value against a server, then it signifies that the specific middle tier is External i.e. it will be exposed to the www. Which means that this server is not within the firewall of your client? The idea behind this profile option is to apply some special restrictions for security.

What is a value set?

Value set is used for the purpose of containing the values. In the case of a value set getting associated with report parameters, a list containing values are sent to the user for accepting one among the values in the form of parameter values.

What are cycles of GL, AP, and AR?

In general GL AP and AR consist of:

  • Structure Phase - defines the process flows and configuration for the system and Conduct business process and data mapping workshops.
  • Construct Phase - contains all of the configuration activities
  • Transition Phase - executes system test
  • Deploy Phase - migrates database to customer environment
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