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MQ Series Interview Questions and Answers

What is a Message and what does it contain?
  • A message is a string of bytes which has a meaningful usage in applications
  • Messages are utilized to transfer information across applications
  • The applications can run on the same or on different platforms

Websphere MQ messages contain:

  • Application data: The application’s content and data is defined by the application programs which uses it.
  • Message Descriptor: The message is identified by the message descriptor and contains additional control information, like the type of message and priority assigned to the message
What is Asynchrony in MQ?
  • The exchanging of messages among sending and receiving programs is time independent
  • The sending and receiving application programs are decoupled
  • Sender's process can continue with out the need of waiting for the receiver's acknowledgement message
  • The receiver's application need not be running while the message is sent
  • The receiver can retrieve the messages after it has been started
What is QueueManager in IBM WebSphere MQ ? What does QueueManager do ?

QueueManager is primary component of WebSphere MQ or WMQ. QueueManager is responsible for storing and routing messages to other Queue Manager within MQ and it also communicate with outside world e.g. Java program or any other MQ client.

What is Message Server?
  • A Web Sphere MQ Server is an application's component that provides queuing services to several clients
  • All the MQ objects of an application, like the queues, exist only in the queue manager machine
  • Web Sphere MQ server can also support the Web Sphere MQ Applications that are running locally
What is difference between local queue and remote queue in WMQ ?

Rather simple and fact based MQ Series interview question. This is asked to see whether candidate is familiar with MQ Series terminology or not. In WebSphere MQ, local queues are queue on same QueueManager while remote queue refers to queue on different QueueManager.

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