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MOSS Interview Questions and Answers

Explain impersonation, and when would you use impersonation?

Impersonation is the concept of providing functionality in the context of a different identity, for example letting a user access the system with anonymous access. You would use impersonation in order to access resources on behalf of the user with a different account, that normally, that would provide just the very basic rights to access the system.

Two types of workflow supported, i.e. Sequential, State Machine. Explain them

Types of workflow supported:

Sequential: Sequential workflow as the name suggests simply depicts the fact that there is a collection of tasks which need be completed in a sequence one by one. The workflow progresses as each and every single task is completed in the workflow.

State: This category of workflow includes collection of states of the document (which it can be in). The workflow progresses based on how the state of the document changes and progresses.

How DPM for MOSS Work?

Data Protection Manager provides the ability to backup an entire sharepoint farm including the SQL Server databases, metadata, farm configuration files and indexes for federated search. Bakups can be automated to occur upto 4 times an hour based on the need. DPM starts by backing up a baseline copy of the sharepoint environment. It then there onwards performs full backups on regular basis using the sharepoint VSS writer and underlying component VSS writers to identify blocks or fragments of the farm and content databases which have changed. It is designed for sharepoint administrators and provides them with wizards and workflows to help protect the data. It represents data to be protected in the same context as the user accesses it.

What are Application Pages in SharePoint?

One can create custom application pages to add GUI components in Sharepoint. Unlike site pages, an application page is deployed only once per Webserver. Application pages cannot be customized based on sites, and are based on virtual _layouts directory. Application pages are all compiled together into a single dll and are also used across all sites within a server farm. They are preferred to site pages because of their performance benefits over them and they also support inline code.

What is CAML?

CAML: - Collaborative Application Markup Language.

It is an XML based language and provides data constructs used to build up the SharePoint fields and is also used for table definition. CAML is used to build or customize SharePoint based sites and construct a CAML query in a WebPart to retrieve values from a SharePoint List.

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