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MOSS Interview Questions and Answers

What is MOSS? Explain its features.

MOSS stands for Microsft Office Share Point Server. MOSS is a portal based platform for complete management of documents & web services. It is a platform for creation of customized web based applications & portals like blogs, wiki etc. MOSS provides security features and can be configured to return separate content based on the fact that the user has logged on using internet, intranet or extranet.

Tell me the differentiate between Synchronous and Asynchronous events?

Synchronous event are the ones in which the caller needs to pause to wait for a response. The fact that it waits for a response means that the call is a “blocking” call to the event handler. This gives the thread that encountered the event an opportunity avoid executing code that the event identifies undo the effects of code that the event identifies.

Asynchronous event is one in which the caller continues without pausing for a response. This allows concurrency between both the caller and the method being called.

Explain the role of SPWebApplication object

The SPWebApplication class consists of various methods and properties to perform various manipulations on web applications. i.e. Perform backups, add content databases, add site collections, set alert settings, change the web.config file etc. The class simply represents the IIS load balanced web application that is installed on the server farm.

What is .ddf file?

A .ddf file: Data Directive File. It contains the metadata like the source files and their destination locations. The .ddf file is passed as a parameter to the MAKECAB utility to orchestrate construction of the SharePoint solution file.

Explain sharepoint master pages and its features

Master pages provide a base look and feel and standard behaviors that are needed for all of the pages in your site. The content page combines with the layout of the master page to form the complete output. Microsoft SharePoint Foundation is built on top of Microsoft ASP.NET, therefore, it supports master pages for defining elements that are common to all pages.

Advantages of Master Pages:

People can save their time and resources by making design changes in one place they will be reflected in all pages that use the master page. The User interface can be reused.

More consistent pages and a better end-user experience

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