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Mobile Testing Interview Questions and Answers

Explain what is the difference between Web testing and WAP testing?
  • WAP Testing: It is the testing the WAP (Wireless Application Protocol) used in network applications
  • Web Testing: It is related mainly to the testing of web applications such as websites and portals
How to do BLUE TOOTH setting?
  1. Initially check the visibility of the device to others
    while trying to search your device (Master)
  2. Try to pair with device.
  3. Change the visibility time (Ex: On, 1min, 3 min etc)
  4. Rename the device (Slave)and try to pair with same
    (Master)device and check for the name update in Master
  5. Transfer of files from Master to slave and slave to master
  6. Connect the call via BT headset
  7. Try to pair with maximum devices allowed to pair
  8. Try to share the files with all the maximum paired
    devices at a time
  9. Check that BT can be invoked from Multimedia applications
    while trying to send the media/files
  10. Try to send the contact via BT
List out some of the automated mobile testing tools?

For mobile testing, two kinds of automation tools are available to test mobile apps

  • Object based mobile testing tools: Jama solution, Ranorex
  • Image based mobile testing tools: RoutinBot, Egg Plant, Sikuli
What is MT SMS Message?

In general terms, if you send any SMS message and if you get
SMS response for that message, then the sending message is
called Message Originate(MO) and the response SMS message
you receive is Message Terminate(MT).

Explain what is the difference between simulator and emulator?
  • Simulator: It is an electronic network simulation equipment or a base station equipment for CDMA/CMA mobile phones. It helps in latching home networks without roaming services and can make Voice; Data calls, SMS,
  • Emulator: It is a software to test mobile application without a live handset
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