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Microstrategy Interview Questions and Answers

Explain what is Microstrategy?

Microstrategy is an enterprise business intelligence application software vendor. It supports scorecards, interactive dashboards, ad hoc query, high formatted reports, etc.

Is it possible to see the data in dataset?

Open Warehouse Catelog from Architect.Select that particular
DSN.Then it will display available tables in that DSN.Select
the particular table and right click on that,select SHOW
SAMPLE DATA.then it will show sample data in that data set.

Mention what specific features and functionality do you get with OLAP services?

With OLAP services users can create a unique report views by removing or adding attributes and metrics contained within the intelligent cube. Without submitting a new request to the data warehouse, the new calculation is performed.

What are the advantages of dataset compare to fileset?

Dataset Contains attributes,metrics of the particular Report Only.
Fileset Contains total tables and information

Explain how intelligent cubes are different from ordinary cubes?

Intelligent cubes are generated automatically when a new report is run against the data warehouse. Users don’t have to mention the cube to which they want to connect. Within the Microstrategy platform, the logic to match user requests with the proper intelligent cube is automatically handled. Subsequently the requests made by other users can seamlessly hit this new intelligent cube.

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