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Microsoft Word Interview Questions and Answers

How you can connect with cloud service on word 2013 ?

To connect with the cloud service on word 2013 you have to go to
a Main Menu Open One Drive click on sign in option enter the e-mail address and it will connect you with cloud service

Can I use the SHOW menu to remove revisions from a document in MS Word?

NO! When you remove the checkmarks by the items in the SHOW menu, it just hides the revisions. The revisions will show up the next time that the document is opened either by yourself or by the reviewers.

There is only one way to remove revisions and comments and that is by accepting or deleting them.

How you can insert video in Microsoft Word 2013 ?

To insert video into the word document you have to go to
INSERT a Online Video Media Enter the keyword or video you are looking for Press enter click on the video you want to add it To add or download video, click Insert
The video will appear on word as an image when the download is completed, click on play button to play your video

How can I find out what the buttons on the toolbars do in MS Word?

Choose What's This? from the Help menu. The mouse pointer will turn into a pointer with a "?" symbol. Click on any button (or any other element or object on the screen) and Word will give you some information. Also, Shift+F1 will turn on the What's This? feature.

How you can collapse or expand parts of a document?

To make readers read or see only the part they are interested in, this function is very useful. To do this you have to first give heading to your topic as heading 1, heading 2 ….from Home Menu. Once this done a small icon will appear on the corner of the heading, on clicking on this icon it will merge the content and on re-clicking on it, it will expand the content back to its normal place.

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