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Microsoft Excel Interview Questions and Answers

What is Microsoft Excel?

Microsoft excel is an electronic worksheet developed by Microsoft, to be used for organizing, storing and manipulating.

What is ribbon?

The ribbon runs on the top of the application and is the replacement for the toolbars and menus. The ribbons have various tabs on the top, and each tab has its own group of commands.

What are cells?

The area where data is stored is known as cell.

What is the quick way to return to a specific area of a worksheet?

The quick way to return to a specific area of worksheet is by using name box. You can type the cell address or range name in name box to return to a specific area of a worksheet.

What filter will you use, if you want more than two conditions or if you want to analyse the list using database function?

You will use Advanced Criteria Filter, to analyse the list or if more than two conditions should be tested.

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