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Maximo Interview Questions and Answers

What are various modules of maximo?

The various modules of maximo are as follows:
Application Designer.
Database Configuration
Integration Module
Workflow Administration
Change Request
Workflow Designer
Cron Task
System Properties

What is Integration Framework?

Integration Framework allows you to integrate maximo with other tools. It reduce your manual efforts. Integration is used for many ways they are as follows:
To create the thousands of classification in maximo in one time only.
To upload IN and SR in tool in just one click.
To create multiple user ids in Maximo.
To create the automatic tickets in maximo on receiving the alerts or any message, for which we integrated maximo with Netcool.
We can integrate maximo with Tivoli Directory Server by using Tivoli Directory Integrator, by creating assembly line in TDI.
Various Integration framework components are as follows:
Object structures
External systems
Web services

Define Start Center in Maximo.

Start Center is nothing but a view of maximo when you login to it. Start center can be configured by the system admin according to the business needs. There can various tabs on start center. Maximo admin can include day to day task on it, or any message or any news in bulletin board. Your various tickets IN/SR can be shown on them. Short cuts to various applications required by the end user can also be provided on your start center. Start center can also be configured according to the security groups, i.e. different views for different person or according to the need and requirement of Business.

Various controls in the Application Designer Tool in IBM Maxixo part 1:
  • Tabgroup - A container for adding tabs.
  • Tab - An individual tab in a tab group.
  • Section - A container for adding controls such as section columns, section rows, fields, buttons, combo boxes, and check boxes.
  • Section Column - A column in a section.
  • Section Row - A row in a section.
  • Section Header - A container to label a section or a table window, with the capability to display dynamic values in its label. This control contains the parameter values control which is a container for the parameter value control.
  • Parameter Values - A container for the parameter value control to be used in sections and table windows.
What Procedure Import Workflow in Maximo 7.1

Procedure Import Workflow in Maximo 7.1

  1. Object structure, publish channel, Enterprise services can be duplicated from migration to make it used by integration process and if it is not in migration/Integration then follow the steps given below to create it manually
  2. Turn Admin mode to off before import.
  3. The sequential queue processes messages one at a time, in a first-in-first-out
    Sequence and as we are using sequential queue the error files if generated should be cleared from error folder from mea-global directory
  4. Cron task set up- JMSQSEQCONSUMER make this cron task active for sequential queue
  5. Create MEA Global directory, if it does not exits. Give the details of this in System Properties & all End Points that will be used.
  6. Enable Message Tracking from select action menu for Enterprise Services created below
  7. Create End Point & External System only once as per steps given below & can be used multiple times.
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