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Matlab Interview Questions and Answers

What does MatLab consist of?

MatLab consists of five main parts

  • MatLab Language
  • MatLab working environment
  • Handle Graphics
  • MatLab function library
  • MatLab Application Program Interface (API)
What are MATLAB system parts?

Following are the 5 main parts of MATLAB.

  • MATLAB Languange.
  • MATLAB working environment.
  • Graphics handler.
  • MATLAB mathematical library.
  • MATLAB Application Program Interface.
Explain MatLab API (Application Program Interface)?

MatLab API is a library that enables you to write Fortran and C programs that interact with MatLab. It contains the facilities for calling routines from MatLab, for reading and writing Mat files and calling Matlab as a computational engine.

Explain about MATLAB language.
  • MATLAB language is a high-level matrix language.
  • It has control structures, functions, data structures, I/O and OOP features.
  • Allows rapid creation of throw-away programs.
  • Allows creating large and complex application programs.
  • MATLAB API allows to author C and FORTRAN programs to interact with MATLAB.
What are the types of loops does Matlab provides?

Matlab provides loops like

  • While Loop
  • For Loop
  • Nested Loops
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