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Lotus Notes Interview Questions and Answers

What is Lotus Notes?
  • Lotus Notes is the client version of collaborative client-server architecture.
  • It supports the usage of several integrated services.
  • Various integrated functionalities, like email, contacts management, tracking, messaging, calendaring etc. are provided by Lotus Notes.
  • An Office productive suite by name IBM Lotus Symphony also integrated in Lotus Notes.
  • It accesses databases and other applications of Lotus Domino, which is the application server version.
  • Voice conferencing, online meetings, discussions, blogs, sharing files and user directories are also integrated using Lotus Notes.
Tell me what is the procedure to download the Lotus Mobile Installer into an Android mobile device?

The following steps guide to download Lotus Mobile Installer

  • Turn on the mobile device
  • Launch the browser program from the device
  • Launch Lotus Notes Traveler user home page by specifying the URL - http://hostname/servlet/traveler.
  • Select an IBM Lotus Mobile Installer
  • Choose Android option
  • Transfer the file to the mobile device and open it.
What are server and device requirements to install Lotus Notes Traveler in Android compatible mobile phones?

Server Requirements:

  • Minimum 500 GB free disk space
  • Minimum 512 MB RAM
  • HTTP / TCP or HTTPS / TCP protocols supported network.
  • GSM / GPRS / 802.11x and WiFi compatible devices

Client Device requirements:

  • 2 MB free disk space on Android client device
  • 2 MB of trace and log storage depending on the configurations settings of the device.

OS requirements:

  • Android OS 2.0.1 +
Explain Ultra-light Mode?
  • This mode is compatible to use with mobile devices or on desktop.
What are the features of Lotus Notes?
  • Collaborative business applications of various business functions are done quickly.
  • Supports users to manage their inboxes more effectively.
  • Users can experience the full-text search, filtering mails, sorting mails.
  • Minimizes the impact of computer viruses with robust security features.
  • Supports replication technology that automates the synchronizing changes while reconnecting to the network.
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