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Load Runner Interview Questions and Answers

What are the types of Performance Testing?

Performance Testing is performed to evaluate application performance under some load and stress condition. It is generally measured in terms of response time for the user activity. It is designed to test the whole performance of the system at high load and stress condition.
Types of Performance Testing:

  • Load: analogous to volume testing and determine how application deal with large task.
  • Stress: examine application behavior under peak bursts of activity.
  • Capacity: measure overall capacity and determine at what time response time become unacceptable.
What is load testing?

Load testing is to test that if the application works well with the loads from large number of simultaneous users and transactions. It also used to determine whether it can handle peak usage periods.

How can we edit the Vuser Script?

After recording the script, which contains the interaction between the client, server and human can be edited by any of the following process:

  1. Parameterization
  2. Correlation
  3. Transactions (Start/End)
  4. Validations
  5. Rendezvous point
  6. Variable Declarations
How can we find database related issues?

Monitors and the Data Resource Graph can be used to find database related issues. LoadRunner allow the tester to specify the resource that needs to be measured before the controller is run.

What are the components of Load Runner?

Load Runner contains the following components:

  • Virtual User Generator: captures end-user business process and creates an automated performance testing scripts, known as Vuser script.
  • Controller: organizes drives, manages and monitor the load test.
  • Load generators: creates the load by running Vusers.
  • Analysis: helps to view, dissect and compare the performance results.
  • Launcher: provides a single point of access for all of the LoadRunner components.
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