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Lisp Interview Questions and Answers

Explain what is LISP? Give an example of some of the popular applications built in LISP?

LISP stands for List Processing, it is also a high-level programming language based on formal functional calculus. This language is used for easy manipulation of data strings. It is used for Artificial Intelligence.

Some of the popular applications built in LISP are

  • Yahoo Store
  • AutoCad
  • G2
  • Emacs
  • Igor Engraver
Explain What is the ouput like?

LG3 writes easy-to-read, fully indented AutoLISP programs loaded with detailed comments in English that explain what all of the LISP code is doing. The files are standard ".LSP" files. You can view, edit, or print them with any editor, and run them on any AutoCAD system with or without the Generator.

Why LISP is used for Artificial Intelligence?

LISP is used for Artificial Intelligence for following reasons

  • It supports the symbolic programming, and old AI was based on symbols
  • LISP is powerful. The code or data distinction is weaker, so it feels more extensible than other programming languages which make it feels like a domain specific language
  • It is an excellent prototyping tool and good at tackling problems
What if we get interrupted?

You are free to come and go from the LISP Generator and do whatever you want in AutoCAD while you are in the middle of creating a program. There are helpful tools in case you forget things like the names of variables you defined.

Demonstrate with an example how you can code in LISP?

Almost everything in LISP is a function, even the mathematical operators.
For example, (+ (* 5 3) 1 )
The output will be 16, functions in LISP open and close with parenthesis.

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