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JMS Interview Questions and Answers

What is JMS?

JMS is an acronym used for Java Messaging Service. The Java Message Service .......

What type of messaging is provided by JMS?

JMS provides both type of messaging,

  • synchronous
  • Asynchronous
Explain the Role of the JMS Provider?

JMS Provider is an implementation of the JMS interface for a Message Oriented Middleware (MOM)........

What do you mean by Synchronous and Asynchronous type of messaging?

Synchronous: In this type of messaging, client waits for the server to respond to a message. Ex: Telephone call, two way radio communication.

Asynchronous: In this type of messaging, client does not wait for a message from the server, but automatically an event is created to trigger a message from a server. Ex: email, text messaging, blog posting.

What is the difference between Point to Point and Publish and Subscribe method?

In point to point communication, the producers and consumers of the message are defined.......

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