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JBOSS Interview Questions and Answers

What is JBOSS?

JBoss is a popular open source application server based on JEE technology. Being JEE based, the JBoss supports cross-platform java applications. It was embedded with Apache Tomcat web server. It runs under any JVM of 1.3 or later versions. JBoss supports JNDI, Servlet/JSP (Tomcat or Jetty), EJB, JTS/JTA, JCA, JMS, Clustering (JavaGroups), Web Services (Axis), and IIOP integration (JacORB).

What are needed to set-up a cluster with JBoss ?

Basically starting JBoss with the \'all\' configuration contains everything needed for clustering:
It has all the libraries for clustering:

JGroups.jar, jboss-cache.jar

Clustered beans (cluster-service.xml)


HTTP session replications (tc5-cluster-service.xml)



What is the process of compiling and packaging the MDB files?

To compile the files of MDB (Message driven beans) first there need to be compilation process that will take place invoking the compile-mdb that targets the simplemessage directory. It produce the targets to be made archives for the bean and the client uses the file that is in the JAR directory. The commands that are used to compile the files are as follows:
ant -f jboss-build.xml package-mdb
ant -f jboss-build.xml package-mdb-client
ant -f jboss-build.xml assemble-mdb
These files that are used and made by the command gets combined in the directory and that directory will be called as the package. It consists of the deployment descriptors that are used in the jar directory containing all the archives that are produced by the build of the MDB files.

Can I run Seam with JDK 1.4 and earlier?

No, Seam only works on JDK 5.0 and above. It uses annotations and other JDK 5.0 features.

What is JBoss cache in short?

JBoss cache is a product. Frequently accessed Java objects are cached by utilzing JBoss cache to improve the performance of e-business applications. JBoss decreases the network traffic and increases the scalability of applications by eliminating unnecessary database acces.Fully transactional features and highly configurable set of options which are to deal with concurrent data access, are provided by JBoss cache in an efficient manner possible for the applications.

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