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IBM Tivoli Interview Questions and Answers

How to Checking process status by running the itnm_status command in ITNM?

On UNIX operating systems, you can check the status of IBM Tivoli
Netcool/OMNIbus, the Tivoli Integrated Portal, and Network Manager by using
the itnm_status command.? steps.
To check the status of all Network Manager components on the current server:

  1. Change to the $NCHOME/precision/bin directory.
  2. Type the following command: itnm_status
    This command displays the status of all of the Network Manager components
    that are installed on the server.
Give the steps To start Universal Agent : um?

bash-2.04$ ./itmcmd agent start um
Starting Universal Agent ...
Universal Agent started
bash-2.04$ ./cinfo –r

What are Domain specific configuration files in ITNM?

Although in practice there are some files that you are unlikely to need to alter, in
principle all of the following types of files can be made domain-specific:
v Configuration files, that is, all files ending in .cfg
v Discovery agent files, that is, all files ending in .agnt
v Active Object Class files, that is, all files ending in .aoc
v Text-based stitcher files, that is, all files in a stitchers directory ending in .stch

Name the various Other ITM Agents installed on unix/linux servers?

ux Monitoring Agent for UNIX OS

um Universal Agent

yn Monitoring Agent for WebSphere

ht Monitoring Agent for Web Servers

mq WebSphere MQ Monitoring Agent

mc WebSphere MQ Configuration Agent

How to Assign poller for MIB graphing in ITNM?

If you have defined additional pollers, and want to assign a poller to handle MIB
graphing, edit the properties file
You must have created the poller that you want to use for MIB graphing before
you edit the file.
To assign a poller for MIB graphing:

  1. Open the following file: $TIPHOME/profiles/TIPProfile/etc/tnm/
  2. Change the value of the tnm.graph.poller parameter from DEFAULT_POLLER
    to the name of the required poller.
  3. Save and close the file
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