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Hbase Interview Questions and Answers

Explain what is Hbase?

Hbase is a column-oriented database management system which runs on top of HDFS (Hadoop Distribute File System). Hbase is not a relational data store, and it does not support structured query language like SQL.
In Hbase, a master node regulates the cluster and region servers to store portions of the tables and operates the work on the data.

What are the different commands used in Hbase operations?

There are 5 atomic commands which carry out different operations by Hbase.
Get, Put, Delete, Scan and Increment.

Explain why to use Hbase?
  • High capacity storage system
  • Distributed design to cater large tables
  • Column-Oriented Stores
  • Horizontally Scalable
  • High performance & Availability
  • Base goal of Hbase is millions of columns, thousands of versions and billions of rows
  • Unlike HDFS (Hadoop Distribute File System), it supports random real time CRUD operations
How to connect to Hbase?

A connection to Hbase is established through Hbase Shell which is a Java API.

Mention what are the key components of Hbase?
  • Zookeeper: It does the co-ordination work between client and Hbase Maser
  • Hbase Master: Hbase Master monitors the Region Server
  • RegionServer: RegionServer monitors the Region
  • Region: It contains in memory data store(MemStore) and Hfile.
  • Catalog Tables: Catalog tables consist of ROOT and META
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