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GSM Interview Questions and Answers

What is GSM?
  • Short form of Global System for Mobile Communications, is a wireless network system
  • A standard for digital cellular mobile communications
  • International roaming arrangements are enabled among mobile network operators, by providing the subscribers to use their personal mobile phones anywhere in the world.
  • GSM is considered as second generation mobile, as signaling and speech channels are digital
  • The carriers can be replaced without replacing mobile phones.
  • The ubiquity of GSM implementations is also enabling the switching between network operators, who can choose equipment from many GSM equipment vendors.
  • GSM pioneered low cost SMS implementation
  • The GSM standard includes a worldwide emergency telephone number feature.
I know that the main function of bts is to air interface signaling. But why?

mobile station is normally mobile in nature which is an
advantage over pstn network . and in order to provide
connection to mobile station we use radio resource (air)...
in order to provide interface between mobile and bss . bts
is used.. a bts is responsible to cover a small geographical
area called cell...

Explain: DRX – TRX


  • DRX is referred as driver receiver.
  • DRX performs the transmission and reception of signals
  • Sends and receives the signals to or from higher network entities, as in base station controller in mobile telephony


  • The transceivers allows to serve several frequencies and different sectors of the cell
  • Sends and receives signals from / to higher network entities.
Does Extended Cell have any impact on the system? If yes, what?
  • The cell radius could be double or even more, based on the antenna, type of terrain and timing advance.
  • Indoor coverage is supported by GSM and could be achieved with the usage of picocell base station or an indoor repeater along with distributed indoor antennas.
What is the maximum data rate supported by a GSM system?
  • The maximum data rate supported by a GSM system is 9.6 kbps.
  • However there are extensions to GSM standard to improve throughput.
  • GPRS is one of the extended GSM service.
  • The extended standards of GSM allows theoretical data rates on the order of 114 Kbit/s, but with throughput closer to 40Kbit/s in practice.
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