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Groupware Servers Interview Questions and Answers

How do local settings get stored in groupware?

The local settings are stored in the hard disk and these settings acts as a blueprint of the actual settings. The settings are saved under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE that refer to the local machine settings and it includes those settings that are currently being used. As soon as the user uses Groupware sync then these settings gets transferred to HKEY_CURRENT_USER, which stores the setting user wise. This way multiple users can use the same machine but, it doesn’t allow seeing each other’s local settings when moving from one user to another.

Tell me what are the functionalities performed on the front end of the server?

The front end server includes communication protocols that are used to communicate from one system to another system. This includes:

  • Mail User Agent (MUA) - This allows easy delivery of mails from one user to another user and allows the user to communicate with one another as well.
  • Email Messages- This includes composing of the mails, managing the mails and taking certain actions on them, sending them to other person, and receiving mails from other people with whom the communication is associated.
  • Embedded services- This includes addressing, packaging, signing, and encrypting outgoing messages and it is a secure method that doesn’t allow third party to hinder in transferring of the message. This also includes the decrypting service that takes the message and displays it.
  • Polling server updates such that it will be available to all the clients at one go.
Explain different types of setting’s properties included for customizations in groupware?

The setting’s properties which are involved in groupware having, value and description attached to it. These are as follows:

    This is a transaction type that is used to create a new appointment and used in the CRM. This allows the process type to be chosen including the types like Business activity or meeting. This type gets created by default and user will be prompted for it.
    This is also a transaction type that is used to create new tasks related to the once chosen by the user.
    This is a property that consists of the relationship between the account and employee that is used to mark the accounts that are relevant for synchronization. This includes the information of the user that has associated accounts for synchronization.
    This is a property that consists of the relationship between the contact and the employee that is associated with the company and it is used to build synchronization between the two.
Explain what are the issues involved with communication and collaboration layers?

The issues involved in communication as well as collaboration layers are as follows:

  • The email system that is designed to support the client must be able to handle the text, images, video and sound and allow the clients to upload or use the same.
  • The email support system should be able to check the format that is being used by the files that are getting uploaded or used. No file should have the same format.
  • The email support systems are not need to be compatible between different organizations.
  • The storage of the files that are in unstructured format should be addressed and indexed properly.
  • Collaboration layer should allow different types of electronic document to be used by the system.
  • They should have easy sharing options of these documents.
  • The system should be able to store and locate the files over the network and allow the downloading to be done on the client machine.
What are the reasons involved in having groupware servers and its services?

There are two different reasons that are required to have a backup mechanism to store the history information. These reasons are as follows:

  1. If any file is deleted from the computer or the file gets corrupted, stolen or lost due to server error or some particular reason then it is very hard to compute it without having any previous knowledge in this regard. The effect of this will come on the linking of the two entities which is no more available so the synchronization will take more space.
  2. If the user synchronizes the same information on two different machines and having the same user in both different machines then the history information that is store on both the machines will be different. There will be a mismatch of the history and one will over write another one.
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