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.Net Mobile Interview Questions and Answers

.NET Mobile overview

.NET Mobile is a platform for developing applications for mobile phones. It’s an extension to .NET Framework and is called Microsoft Mobile Internet Toolkit. It is a set of server side forms controls. These controls produce different output formats i.e. WML, HTML or even compact HTML. This allows developers to create an application using a single paradigm instead of developing an application multiple times using different paradigms based on what different mobiles support. The advantage is standardization, less redundancy, and Microsoft support.

Explain how to develop mobile applications using Microsoft Mobile Internet Toolkit (MMIT) or .NET Mobile?

Steps to develop mobile applications using MMIT:

  1. Start with a new ASP.NET page
  2. Include a reference to System.Mobile.UI
  3. Add various mobile controls on the page as the need be.
Describe how does .NET Mobile work.

Sequence of steps for MMIT application execution:

  1. A mobile client requests for a webpage
  2. The request travels through the internet
  3. The request reaches IIS on the server
  4. .NET Framework handles the request and processes it
  5. ASP.NET compiles the page
  6. MMIT takes care of any mobile device specific requirements
  7. Page is sent to the client.
Explain is development of a mobile web application with ASP.NET is very easy?

Developing a mobile application is as simple as building any website using ASP.NET. The only difference being the tags of the form i.e.

Normal ASP.NET Webpage

Hello World

For Mobile

<%@ Register TagPrefix="mob" Namespace="System.Web.UI.MobileControls" Assembly="System.Web.Mobile" %>

Hello World

MMIT takes care of all the mobile device requirements. Thus, the developer is free from such concerns

What are the components required to develop mobile applications with .NET Mobile.

Prerequisites for MMIT:

  • Windows 2000/2003/2008R2 server with IIS
  • ASP.NET Framework
  • MMIT
  • IE 6 or above
  • A WAP based simulator for testing.
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