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.Net Code Security Interview Questions and Answers

What is code security? What are the types?

Framework provides the security features to secure code from unauthorized users and unauthorized uses.
There are two types of code security:
Role based security: This authorizes user.
Code access security: This protects system resources from unauthorized calls.

What is role-based security?

Role-based security is to verify the role and/or identity of the current Principal object.

Define the use of Caspol.exe.

It is DOS command to view and alter code access security policy.

Tell me the use of Caspol.exe?

It is DOS command to view and alter code access security policy.

Define declarative and imperative security.

Security checks can be applied imperatively or declaratively. Declarative security is applied by associating attribute declarations that specify a security action with classes or methods. Imperative security is applied by calling the appropriate methods of a Permission object that represents the Principal (for role-based security) or system resource (for code access security).

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