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Dojo Interview Questions and Answers

Explain what is Dojo?

Dojo is a JavaScript framework, an assembly of utilities written to ease development of client-side web applications. It is a tool for constructing dynamic web user interfaces.

What is the basic structure in Dojo?

The basic directory structure of the application is very simple and it will evolve later:
/index.html - The application entry point.
/app - The application module.
/app/main.js - The main script for app module.

Explain the function of Dojo/ready module?

The dojo/ready module has a function that records a callback that will run once the three conditions have met:

  • DOM is ready
  • All outstanding or remaining modules of requested code have completed loading
  • Other registered functions with a higher priority have completed.
What are the advantages or benefits of Dojo?
  • Associative arrays
  • Loosely typed variables
  • Regular expressions
  • Objects and classes
  • Highly evolved date, math, and string libraries
  • W3C DOM support in the Dojo
Explain what are application support libraries in Dojo?

Application support libraries in Dojo consists of

  • I/O package provides routines, e.g., for AJAX binding
  • For drag and drop operations DND package provides routines
  • Useful routines are available for login, animation and storage.
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